Code of Ethics

Ethical standards for Aura Muse's Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing, Guided Meditation & Sound Healing Sessions

Code of Practice


  1. Practitioners are required to treat their clients with compassion and respect, creating a safe environment that encourages trust and open communication.


  1. Practitioners are required to make available training certificates and diplomas to any client who wishes to inspect them.


  1. Practitioners are required at all times to act in a professional manner with their clients and will not misuse their position of trust.


  1. Practitioners are required at all times to respect the confidentiality of their clients as a sacred trust. In any supervisory capacity, the client’s name will not be used.


  1. Our Practitioners do not claim to be Doctors, Medical Professionals, Counsellors, Psychologists or Psychotherapists. They work with Holistic Principles that use techniques within the scope of their training, which are an aspect of Holistic Healing. Our Practitioners encourage clients to utilise these principles, so they may be led to a place of self-empowerment.


  1. The Practitioner will not claim to personally fix, cure or heal anyone. Any beneficial effect that takes place is entirely due to the self-empowerment within the individual.


  1. Practitioners will not interfere with any medical treatment the client is undergoing and will work alongside any orthodox form of treatment the client is already receiving. Practitioners will never advise anyone to discontinue their prescribed medication.  Clients must always consult their medical doctor for advice in this matter.


  1. Practitioners will only take cases that they feel are within their capacity to treat and which they genuinely believe can benefit from Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing, Meditation or Sound Healing.