Why a Healing Journey?

I choose healing because I'm getting too old to be a shitty person. I don't want to be the person the world or my parents has conformed me to be, I want to rid everything I was taught & learn my true self. Before trauma, before disappointments, before anything that shaped my judgement to have a negative outlook on life before I even knew why..


Somebody ever ask you why you like a certain thing or why you dislike something and you don't really have a reason but, its how you were raised. Those are the tools you are given as a child that shape you and make you the person you grow into. Sometimes the way your parents love you or the way they groom you can be toxic to your growth & a lot of times you need to break the cycle of generational curses & trauma. BECAUSE THAT SHIT CAN RUN DEEP!


I, myself started my journey because I want to become a better person overall. I was raised in a strict household, I mean perception is projection but sometimes the energy we hold onto from our childhood can be so disruptive to the journey we embark on as adults.  I literally started echoing the things I was taught, in my personal life, in my professional life, in my parenting, in my friendships and relationships, not that it's all bad because there's def some good in there BUUUUUUUTTTTT, yeah....


I'm teaching myself to find my center, to find alignment within so that I am not hurting the people who are vulnerable with me. I want to be a soft spot for my child and my husband. I want to be the best mother and wife I can be, but I want it to come naturally because it's apart of who I am. I used to find myself losing my temper and letting the most minuscule shit throw my energy off.


That's where I found my interest in healing and living a vibrational & mindful based life. In my household we refer to each others moods as vibrations, if they're low we check each other on it and when they're high we are literally just at peace and in bliss enjoying the moment, which is the majority of the time. In cleansing my aura and elevating within I did a lot of self reflecting, I still do.. I asked my friends to tell me about myself, I became more aware of the traits I have that I'm not proud of and I work everyday to change them. After all, happiness is a journey, not the destination and I'm more concerned with healing than living a perfect life anyway.


I'm Journeying in Grace! Mindful of where I am in the present, I know what is important to me & what's not. What matters and what doesn't. Most importantly I know that my journey is exactly that, MINE & only I am in control of the outcome. Healing is sooooooo sloppy. You literally have to gradually unpack mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically in order to transition into your destined space. I set the intention for myself daily for where I want to be, I pray that God will use me as a vessel to inspire others and I interrupt all negative bullshxt that comes my way with an affirmation. Because the mind is just as powerful as energy & I can't let low vibes penetrate my aura..


I encourage you to do the same by being intentional about whats lingering in your conscious and subconscious mind, take journaling seriously and find a practice that helps you to focus on the present like meditation. Meditating has changed me, I am a new woman & it feels so fucking fire being in control of ME! MY thoughts, MY energy, MY emotions... all of ME :) 

I choose healing, over and over again.. How about you?




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