Vibrational Based Living

Everything in life is a vibration. We do not create nor stop them! The vibrations surrounding you are either low or high and it's up to you to turn the low vibrations around or take note of them and move right along. Since I've been on this journey I feel like my peace has been tried in sooooo many ways, then I had to realize; the people sent to destroy my happiness are displaying a true reflection of themselves. I may talk about it, if I need to vent for about 3 minutes but right after that I'm back on my path. I am in control of my own energy and I nourish what feels good to me. There's so much joy in connecting with your higher being, so much peace that comes from being still and being present. I'm a really happy, bubbly person. I have intense energy whether I'm extremely happy or extremely upset. So tapping into my higher being is extremely important to me because quite frankly I'm tired of exploding every time I'm triggered. 

When you live a vibrational based life you have the power to turn the worst days into the best days because it's all about your own, personal perception. You know the saying "Look at the glass half full"... well, having that perception in life overall will help you with gratitude, optimism, and put you at ease when dealing with things that would normally give you anxiety. There's a path to positivity and living a peaceful life that has nothing to do with anyone BUT YOU. 

Intentionally create space for high vibrations. It could be something as simple as playing your favorite music, writing in your journal, or taking yourself on a date. Always, make time to be Self-iSH.



XO - Ayanna

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  • Great post, leading a more vibrational life bring more peace and less attachment to what we cannot control! I appreciate this post keep them coming! 💕✨✨

    • Dana
  • Love ✨✨✨✨✨

    • Dominique