Respect My Journey

"We live in a limitless universe overflowing with miracles.."


This spoke to me on so many levels. I am literally grateful for every single thing I have in my life. Even the laptop I’m typing on right now 😩☺️ God is & will always be the source of my happiness. He’s given us all so many different tools to take advantage of, how could you ever be ungrateful. I mean, after all we have food, breath, limbs, and lets not even get into the THINGS we have that are not necessities.. 


But anyway. I read something that said “if you are depressed you’re living in the past, if you’re anxious you’re living in the future & if you’re happy youre living in the present”. Read that again & let it sizzle in your spirit. I think we all need to realize what we have have here & now. It needs to be met with our highest vibration because at the end of the day, the vibrations we put into the universe is what we manifest into our lives. If you approach things as your best self, your happiest self, connected to your higher being you are more likely to bring that energy into your space and atmosphere. 


I had someone say to me “how are you talking like this if you’re on this spiritual journey..” Chileeeee. This person is and was the source of what brings out the worst in me. I’m saying all this to say everyday is not easy, shit.. a lot of days are not easy but if you are trying YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT PATH… all I have to say about ppl who are judgmental like that is FUCK THEM! I have to be true to myself, because I’m very real and transparent about where I am right now and NO, I’m not perfect IM HUMAN... so don’t even expect perfection from me! I'm working on the part of me that likes to match energies :-/


A lot of ppl think a spiritual journey is like a straight, perfect line but it's actually the opposite. Personally, I'm all over the place and I accept every part of it. I like to have fun, but I’m also kind of serious, I like to have several glasses of wine — but I also enjoy several cups of tea, I know I should be eating salads and highly vibrational foods that are nourishing but I crave cheesesteaks from time to time, I love a good book but I also love to twerk & talk shxt, I like to be free & wild but I’m also very reserved and low key… I love to do yoga and meditate but I might be loud af 5 minutes before or 2 minutes after. I am literally a multifaceted, paradox. I'm LIVING IN THE PRESENT. I have no energy to nourish anything that drains my spirit or lowers my vibrations. I'm just out here doing me. I call it BALANCE ;-)


We all have our own paths, timelines and parts of us that need to be awaken, healed or taken care of. This is a NO-JUDGMENT ZONE. I’m here for it all, being real about it all and taking the time I need to do what’s best for me. I’m thanking God along the way and putting the vibrations I want to attract into the universe.


I have a lot more growing to do, I want y'all to experience the progress.


Respect My Journey ! 

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  • Good read. Your honesty about not being perfect is exactly what people need.. 👍🏽 The struggle is real!

    • Michelle